The Caduceus staff and the Tree of Life

The Caduceus staff of Hermes


The two serpents in Caduceus represents the Pillars of Severity and Mercy while the central staff represents the Pillar of Mildness. The wings represents the Binah – Chokmah line, and with Keter as the top of the Cross.

Caduceus StaffMacro- and Microcosmic Man

In the Aquarian Mandala they wrote

“The Caduceus is the Staff of Hermes, the Spiritual Teacher of the Greeks and Egyptians known as Thoth-Hermes or Hermes Trismegistus. He is Mercury the Psychopomp – leader of souls to God. He is the Power of Fohat descending in spiral emanation through the Seven Planes.”

which clearly tells the same story as the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

I have later found this picture, but without text:

so i am not the first with this idea.

Here are an Egyptian Winged Disk, the emblem of the Sun, with Eagle Wings and two Cobras, showing its likeness to the Caduceus and to Isis with wings:

winged disk

The Winged Disk

The Kabbalah Tree of Life

The Kabbala Tree of Life with the Angelic Hierarchies as mentioned by Paul.

Kaballah - Christian Angelic Hierarchy

Each of these circles, Sephira (Sephirots is plural), is a creation, with Man as the lowest creation. A diagram for angels would have the Angels as lowest Sephira. Angels are defined by having the Ether body as the lowest layer, which we have as the second lowest layer. The layers are described here: Dream Interpretation in Esoteric Work

The left pillar are the feminine, Yin, the forming principle, and the right pillar the masculine, Yang, the creative power, and the central pillar the androgyne, the equilibrium between the left and right pillar, consciousness, life.

What defines the Creation called Man is that the lowest layer in man is the physical, which means that minerals, plants, animals, and man is part of the same creation.

Faravahar - Zoroastrian

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  1. #1 by hubert on October 27, 2009 - 6:46 pm

    In this Acquires age we are starting to remember what we have long forgotten,..and it’s like we are in the shore of the unlimited possibilities..just like the tip of the iceberg


  2. #2 by Source of Origin on January 17, 2010 - 3:53 am

    Very Well detailed blog, and so much useful information, thanks for sharing such useful knowledge!


  3. #3 by Andrew on January 29, 2010 - 10:30 am

    That was a excellent read|. Your insights were very illuminating and made me reconsider the recent developments in these areas. If only more writers are as informed and as passionate about telling the population about these issues as you, we aspiring journalists would not get a really bad rep. Appreciate expressing yourself so articulately. You made my day.


  4. #4 by Bill on September 21, 2011 - 3:02 am

    From Newton, Isaac. “Of the host of heaven” in Drafts on the history of the Church (Section 7), Yahuda Ms. 15.7, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, p.127r

    And if the theology of the cabbalists be compared with that of the Gnosticks it will appear that the Cabbalists were Iewish Gnosticks & the Gnosticks were Christian Cabbalists. For as the Gnosticks placed their Æons in the Orbs of the stars & Planets so did the Cabbalists their Sephiroths, following therein the doctrine of Aristotel who placed Intelligences in the Planetary Orbs to move them. Aristotel was the master of Alexander the Great & his philosophy was in request in the reign of Alexanders successors especially in Egypt & his systeme of the heavens was received by the oldest of the Cabbalists.
    Excerpt from
    Force, James E. Popkin Richard H. (eds.). The Books of Nature and Scripture : Recent Essays on Natural Philosophy, Theology, and Biblical Criticism in the Netherlands of Spinoza’s Time and the British Isles of Newton’s Time, International Archives of the History of Ideas. Dordrecht; Boston, London: Kluwer Academic Pub., 1994, pp. xiii-xiv:

    Some extreme claims have been made by some authors about Newton’s use of Kabbalah in his metaphysical theory of God, space, and nature. Goldish examines what in fact Newton knew of Kabbalistic writings and what he used this knowledge for. Newton’s information about the Kabbalah came from the 1677-8 publication of the Kabbala Denudata, a large set of Latin translations of Kabbalistic writings spanning the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries interlaced with some interpretations by the Christian editors of the work. Newton possessed a copy of the Kabbala Denudata and read it extensively.

    Goldish traces what Newton says about the Kabbalah in his unpublished manuscript and shows where Newton places the Kabbalah in Newton’s understanding of the development of religious ideas in antiquity. Newton was not so much interested in using Kabbalistic notions as he was in understanding where the Kabbalistic theory of emanation fitted into the development of religious ideas. Newton accepted the then prevailing view that the Zohar dated from the second century and reflected part of the ancient wisdom which went back to Ezra and Egyptian Jews such as Philo of Alexandria. Gnostic and mystical heresies, Newton claimed, came out of Kabbalistic ideas and were part of a completely anti-Christian corruption of true Christian doctrine. Newton also tried to relate central Kabbalistic notions to those of the Neo-Platonists and the Aristotelians. In addition, Goldish points out Newton’s interest in understanding Kabbalistic alchemical symbolism.
    From “Renaissance Kabbalah” by G. Mallary Masters (in Anton Faivre, et al, eds. Modern Esoteric Spirituality?)

    “Ritual purificatory bathing, changing of garments, and four days of fasting serve as preparation for our pilgrim prior to his being instructed on the fifth day into the meaning of the unspeakable Tetragrammaton.” (now you know why Kabbalist Joseph Smith and his kabbalist MORMON adepts have to wear Mormon Kabbalist magic underwear!!)
    From “Jacob Boehme and His Followers” by Pierre Deghaye in A Faivre, et al, eds. Modern Esoteric Spirituality.

    “The theosophy of Boehme became a component of the wisdom that flourished in Rosicrucian and Masonic circles.” “All of German Hermeticism was imbued with a Christian spirit. Was not the Jewish Kabbalah Christianized?”
    just some notes I thought might be helpful…


  5. #6 by Orev509 on February 14, 2012 - 7:32 pm

    I just came here to say one thing. Enki and Enkidu aren’t the same. The picture you have there is of Enki, the water god, not Enkidu.


    • #7 by Kim Graae Munch on March 8, 2012 - 3:42 pm

      Right, Enkidu and Eabani is the same,Enki is a god and Enkidu the Bodhisattva or Avatar.


  6. #8 by Christopher Haiden-Guest on June 29, 2013 - 6:03 am

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  7. #9 by Stewart Lundy on December 19, 2016 - 6:19 am

    I question the layout of the planets here — Hod is usually associated with Mercury, not Venus. And Netzach with Venus, not Mercury. If you can answer this, please do! It would help me greatly.


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