Good and Evil, Sin and Karma

Good is Love, and Evil is lack of Love, and Love is Christ (Son of God in the hexagram).

Love is the equilibrium of the Father and the Mother, and lack of Love is when we are out of equilibrium, that is, either the Father or the Mother are dominating. On Earth this condition is called evil, or to be precise, Lucifer and Ahriman (Satan, Mammon, …) to show what dominates.


Sinning creates karma, karma and sin is the same, and you sin when you do something you know is evil/wrong, so a cannibal living in a cannibalistic tribe didn’t create karma because of cannibalism, before the christian priests came and told him it was sinful to kill. This is also one of the reasons why children don’t create karma, they don’t yet know what is right or wrong.

Remember, karma helps us to grow, it’s our memory from life to life.

A Rosicrucian once said: “We are on this Earth to sin, so sin, until you is tired of it, then stop, don’t continue as per habit.”. Or, in other words: It’s OK to fall, but not to stay down.

Those who don’t live because they are afraid to Sin don’t learn, they don’t create the necessary equilibrium between Chaos and Order, Feelings and Thinking, giving Love, Wisdom, and Will.

Free Will ?

We share karma with a lot of people, and to work with our karma we have to meet these people, so we can’t run around freely following our whims, we need a path through life leading us to those we share our fate with, dharma, the wisdom of our life.


Karma is the sea where we are sailing in our ship, dharma is the wind blowing us from one karmic relation to the next. How we handle our karma is our obligation and here we have free will, but the path we follow between the people we have to meet is handled by our higher I, prepared while we sleep.

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  1. #1 by Giorgi on September 3, 2009 - 11:32 am

    I would like my opinion on good and evil. My statement is that there is evil at all. What we can call evil is lack of good. So we have absolute good, but in peripheries let say there is evil. So to compare, what is dark ? Its lack of light. What is cold state? Its lack of heat or warm state. Its interesting how we can find the God. Philosophically it opens only through negavite characteristics, or it is unlimited, it is immortal, it is endless etc. So it is rejection of negativity. In the same manner what is God? It is not evil. God is everywhere, so there is NO evil at all. What we consider as evil is only lower “state” of God. It is also notable that Hinduism considers as member of Trimurty (Trinity) Shiva who according to Christian believes can be regarded as Satan. Why? Because it is needed to take the “bad” souls. I think Boeme’s book in this regards opens many things. One more thing: I think that in relation to love and person, there should exist only unlimited love to the personificised God, thus unstraching all other ties.


  2. #3 by E.D. on December 13, 2013 - 7:47 pm

    your blog is excellent. I remember you Kim.. so glad i was able to find you again.. thanks for the wonderful service you are providing here.. eve from LKs.


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