Facebook and Life?


I got Facebook constipation and found out I needed a break. The night after the temporary deactivation I got a dream where an old smiling man gave me a math book to prepare for the exam, and I guessed that what happened was according to plan, that I had study holidays 🙂 Under the building of the constipation I sensed that something was brewing, but my guesses were wrong.

couple-playing-holi-29415808FB is a perfect place for dialogue between persons, there is a possibility for reaching the depths without an interfering ego, soul touching soul, but groups are like the schoolyards of our childhood, more harassing than caressing, the ego have many possibilities to cultivate illusions.

I have had some time to think about FB and my friends on FB. These friendships are in many ways closer than with the physical friends I have had up through life. But I have also changed, I am another now than I was then, I think my friendships in the physical world will change in the future too.

In the physical world we meet other souls through their body and the body have an ego with all kind of manners, but some people’s soul shines through their eyes and through their manners, and they much easier recognise the beauty of other souls, although they can’t see their own beauty.

2017-01-03 22.26.16.jpgI am sure that I know many on FB from earlier times and incarnations, but maybe differently than our theoretical understanding tells us. In the old times of Earth our soul and spirit wasn’t incarnated physically, soul and spirit, so to speak, controlled the physical bodies from above, as the bodies wasn’t ready for the soul to enter, and even less for the spirit, and that meant that we then knew each other as souls above and not through the physical body. And that corresponds to my own experience, the nearer I have been other souls the more I recognize the soul and spirit, the purer the melody of the soul stands for my inner, and I recognize the melody in every expression of the being in the physical: body, manners, actions, thinking and surroundings.

The physical world was created to learn people to develop love, and to develop love man had to be a free being, for only a free person can choose love, love can’t be forced. To be free man had to see himself as separate from others, and for that it was necessary for him to be able to touch others and especially to touch himself, it should be clear without any doubt that he was alone and responsible for his own actions, and he should love others without being forced to, but because it had become his nature, and the love was his soul.

centaur_by_yogh_art-d37050dIn what way differed the spiritual world from the physical? The spiritual wasn’t tangible, it wasn’t physical 🙂 , the astral was planar, visual, but not touchable, beings meet by melting their auras together and leaving by separating again, like colored classes overlapping, the soul plane was linear,  and therefore not visible, but more like sound or sonar, it consisted of thoughts, of beauty, truth and love. The melodies of the souls turns around each other when moving through the soul-space.

When souls meet, they touch and enter each other, there are no secrets, and nothing can be kept secret, there is no need for secrecy, only the ego need secrecy; and the soul is beauty, although not visible in the way the eye sees things, and it’s love as the soul is God’s love of his creation, purified through suffering.

img_6055I have chosen to continue the temporary deactivation of my FB account a little longer, as I think I need the break. I have not broken the connection with the world, I am just not constantly on for the time being, and my mail address is:




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