The Marriage of Anima and Animus

One of the first things I learned in astrology was that we first saw ourselves as independent beings around the Saturn Return at 28, at the opening of the heart chakra, until then we could always go home to our parents if the physical world did resist our aspirations, but at that time we for the first time began seeing ourselves as independent beings responsible for ourselves.

Here we open our heart chakra, our soul moves fully in, throwing all foreign influence out. This can be a hard time, both internally with the ego who prefer status quo, and with persons who tries to hold authority over them, mostly out of the best will.

For women it often mean that the masculine side dominates, the physical with the ego, shows more aggressively, and for men it’s the opposite, the feminine side dominates, the physical side with the ego shows more meek, their aggressions are inward.

When the feminine and masculine sides unite, then thinking, feelings and inspiration trust each other, they become master in their own house.


Around 42 we handle most of the tasks around the third eye, we now begin training our full potential, and often we work ourselves down in work depressions, and our anima and animus separates again, our heart becomes closed again, we loose the connection to our soul, we feel as if God have left us.

From around 49 we begin the ascent again, we begin handling the rest of the karma from the life we haven’t solved in the previous seven periods, we work our way up from the darkness of our solar plexus to the heart, and often higher, to the throat and even to the third eye and the crown chakra. This is also called the Alchemical Marriage.

I think there can be some heavy fights between daughters and parents if they are here, the parents fight both their own ego and are attacked by the girls ego too, it’s not easy, but I think it’s necessary for the younger to have this resistance to fight their way through, it may be necessary for the parents too. A keyword for the parents is meekness.


In this diagram we follow Saturn through the Zodiac, where Saturn is the planet of fate. The numbers in the diagram is the age of the person. Age zero is the birth.

At 7 years of age Saturn have moved 90° from its place at birth; it’s said that the Transiting Saturn is Square Saturn at the birth. It’s a stressful relation. These first seven years corresponds to the root chakra, and to the development of the physical body, and some very old karma, that most old souls have handled, but a few have karmic problems here, like OCD.

At the age of 14 it’s said that transiting Saturn are in opposition to birth Saturn, 180° from it’s place at birth. From 7 to 14 we handle the karma relating to the Hara chakra, relating to the etheric or life body. Here the etheric body have an imprint of all of our karma for the life, and the astral body is emptied for karma, ready to collect the new karma we may create.

At age 21 transiting Saturn is again Square birth Saturn, and from 14 to 21 we are working with the astral body, our solar plexus. We are developing the ego placed in the astral body.

At 28 transiting Saturn is conjunct the birth Saturn, and from 21 to 28 we are developing our soul, our ‘I’, our heart, here the heart should take over the power from the solar plexus, the ‘I’ should take the power from the ego. The heart should be filled with joy and courage, replacing the fear and egotism of solar plexus.

From 28 a new round is started where karma related to the higher bodies and chakras are handled.



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    Thank you Kim–noteworthy for me as I am 57…! appreciate your thinking and your attention to detail…if my host in Denmark manages to get a car by my next visit perhaps I will try to visit… Allen P.

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