The Spiritual Constitution of Man

God formed man from earth and infused the spirit, and between those two the soul developed:

In Greece we have the same story, where Hermaphroditos and Salmakis joins to create man. Hermaphroditos, the Hermaphroditic godling was a son of Hermes and Aphrodite. His form was merged with that of the Naiad [water nymph] Salmakis to form a creature that was half male and half female. He was travelling from the mountain Ida [Kundalini ?] when she pulled him down deep into the lake, symbolizing the physical world, the Fall, and merging with him giving him body. Connotations to Sophia.

Hermaphroditos and Salmakis

We have also the three powers in Alchemy, sulphur, salt and mercury:

Sulphur, Salt and Mercury

Or, in another form:

The main personality types* include:

1.    ☿ The Perfectionist – Productive, organized, wise, ethical and reliable, this type of personality is concerned with doing things right, living right and improving themselves and things around them. They can be judgmental, critical, controlling and anxious as well.
2.    ♀ The Helper – Generous, insightful and caring, Helpers must be loved to feel their value and react positively to others. They can also be martyr like and possessive, and sometimes overly accommodating.
3.    ☉ The Achiever – A pretty self-explanatory personality, the achiever is driven by success and hates failure. At their worst, Achievers can be vindictive, narcissistic and pretentious.
4.    ☾ The Romantic – A key character in almost every plot line, the Romantic is addicted to emotion and must experience her feelings. She doesn’t wish to be ordinary and can sometimes be self-conscious, moody or self-absorbed.
5.    ♄ The Observer – At their best, they are analytical and consumed with knowing and understanding the world around them. At their worst, they can come off as critical of others, intellectually arrogant and negative.
6.    ☽ The Questioner – “Do I fit in?” is a common thought for the Questioner, a personality driven by the need for security. While they can be compassionate and warm, they can also be paranoid, defensive and rigid.
7.    ♃ The Adventurer – True adrenaline junkies, No. 7’s thrive on activities, want to contribute to the world and don’t enjoy suffering. Their confidence and spontaneity can sometimes be interpreted as narcissism and lack of discipline.
8.     The Asserter – The Asserter doesn’t want to take “no” for an answer and wants to be self-reliant. Authoritative, energetic and loyal, No. 8’s can also be rebellious, self-centered and aggressive to avoid feeling inferior or dependent.
9.    Asc The Peacemaker – Nines hate conflict and want to smooth things over, but their emotional responses to various situations can vary from genteel and polite to obsessive and forceful.

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