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What’s about Reincarnation and Karma

I have known about reincarnation and karma all my life, so it’s a base knowledge, nothing I normally think specifically about, it’s part of my general view on daily life. I had a dialog some years ago about the influence on today’s thinking and spiritual consequences of reincarnation and karma and the following text is from that dialog. I didn’t post it then, as I thought to add something more, but I never did, but I think it’s worth publishing as it is. It gave a new understanding of the subject.

At the time of Christ reincarnation was common knowledge, so why was it forgotten?

Karma is expressed through “though harvest as thou sow”, but it has little meaning without reincarnation.

The usual explanation for why reincarnation was forgotten is that man should develop independence, and that was only possible if he took his decisions in total freedom.

But there is more to it than that. A great part of Christianity builds on Faith, and that would not have been possible to develop on a religion who build on reincarnation and karma, it would easily have become a materialistic merchant religion, where you had an accounting system around sin’s, which we have in a lesser degree in the Catholic church. Faith is moral strength in contrast to belief.

I think this is a danger in many of the old religions, that they are very materialistic in their thinking, you bargain with your gods.

Why was it necessary to introduce Reincarnation and Karma again?

We have now entered a new period where religion becomes a private thing, religion is now a personal relation between man and God, and man builds this relation through his own thoughts out of the world he is living in.

Reincarnation makes you understand that you are a spiritual being, part of cosmos, and not just a physical entity, where karma makes you understand that “action has consequences”, and of these two I think that reincarnation has the most profound influence on our thinking, where karma affirms our intuition. People of today cannot and should not live on belief alone, logic is necessary, and Christianity without karma and reincarnation is illogical, and this is necessary to give a real alternative to atheism and materialism.

What does this mean for everyday life?

For the everyday life the knowledge about karma makes life just, as you know that the seemingly unjust incidences of fate are karmic responses of your own actions and it makes it easier to accept them and easier to handle them, and it makes it possible to handle karmic causes, from the current life, consciously within this life.

If you lie without consciously being aware of it, it becomes part of your astral body as karma, but if you are aware, it becomes part of your current karma and you can handle the karma in the current life, and that is the reason why most esoteric systems recommend analyzing the events of the day at the end of the day, so-called retrospective inquiry, and paired with esoteric dream interpretation it’s a very powerful tool. Most old souls do the retrospective inquiry automatically, think through the central theme(s) of the day, it has become part of their good habits through many lives and don’t need to follow new rules, but few master dream interpretation.