Gemini – a short analysis

I want to share this discussion as it show a good an constructive dialog, as most discussions in the Internet is about defending ones own view, and because it’s interesting.

Gemini by
Franciscus Johannes Gijsbertus van den Berg – Johfra

Boaz & Jachin, blue and red Pillar, the dragons of yin and yang, around the Androgyne.

More star-sign pictures here:  The Star Signs by Jofra

From October 1, 2010


The animals chosen are very interesting, also the The Temperance and The Fool.


Yes. What about the baboon and the globe?


do you think its that monkey represents the negative aspect?


It’s difficult to say, if it is an Egyptian symbol it could be whatever.
It could be the opposite to the androgyne at the top, the animalistic we should raise from.


ok, my impression.. is that monkey is the symbol of the state todays world is in, treachery, lusts, sins so this is what “holds” world today..but from alchemic point of view the monkey will get devoured by the lion, (its known that in the natural world lion when sick heals with eating a monkey, don’t ask me how i know it). the unicorn is symbol of albedo phase-whitening, so it can be also connected with death of jesus (the story about unicorn is that cant be captured except by luring it with a virgin lady, after that when he fells asleep he is captured and maybe slaughtered, often in medieval this story was connected with crucifixion, and the horn is connection tween the heavens and earth. so after that we have the story of a lion and baboon, (so in christian tradition and also regarding to alchemy this is often the symbol of phase after the crucifying, days before ascension, when that legend of descending to Inferno so save Adam happens. so after that meaning of tarot cards comes..

so basically after that the Fool sets off to his spiritual path, not knowing where he goes, sort of blind and can be easily putted off track, and one thing he doesn’t know is how to reconcile in The Great Work two opposite forces…but then he meets the angel (The Temperance) which pours liquid from one cup to another, and poring it becomes fire and then again water. so yin and yang, opposites, and the fool searches for the answer how to harmonize this. thus the top of the pillar. temperance can also suggest of how is this more easily comprehended and i think that lies in the greek equivalent of this word -sophrosyne-moderation in action, thought, or feeling; restraint, and not letting go in life to monkey around. that’s my view, it can be completely wrong.. so ..


The picture has two sides, the left Pillar of Kaballah where all the feminine are and the right pillar where all the masculine concentrates.
At the top of the right pillar are the Sun with abundant energy and at left the Moon at the top symbolizing form.
The Lion symbolizes power, the absolute opposite of the baboon (he won’t eat it, below his dignity:), the unicorn are purity, also the opposite of the baboon.
You mentioned the Tarot cards, Temperance and the Fool, that may be the starting point on the adventure, what interesting are that they have the opposite color of clothes.
The baboon symbolizes, as you say, the lower instincts and it’s these we should convert to purity, power, and love so the two can unify to the one, the androgyne, unifying yin and yang to a whole.

I think also that Temperance could relate to the left pillar, as the pillar of Truth.


hm…basically i think Kim it can relate to the middle pillar, cause its about the right measure, mixing the fiery red cup and watery blue cup in right amounts. also more to this card, that it is quite Sagittarian and remember how Sagittarius is a centaur made of animal and of man that aims the arrows to the sky…so i would say that the process isn’t depicted in circular way deosil or counterclockwise, it goes from left to right upwards, like on the Tree of Life.

im babbling sorry


No, it could but I am sure it had been in the center then.
Temperance, or Saggitarius, transforms the beast into man, gives form to the created, and that is the left pillar, where the right gives the creative power, the left gives form.


yes ..things are displaced in it.. who did the picture?


The mentioning of Sagittarius gave the key. In Crowley’s deck it’s called Art, and that’s also to give form.


hm, yes its transitional being, Heraclitus calls regards the bow as a worker of death whose name is life.


I don’t know, Stole it from


good pics, but too complicated for me.


It seems this is the sign for Gemini. I am impressed by all the references which are right, especially the color symbolics and the relation to Kabbalah. I wouldn’t have thought on Temperance, but it’s good.


I can’t stop looking at the pictures now!!!
trying to understand it.. so there goes weekend :))
whoever did it, knows lot about lot of things 🙂

See also Libra.

Here is an analysis of the same painting by Symbol ReaderImages of the Zodiac: Contemplating Gemini

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