Lucifer and Ahriman

Here Steiner sets Lucifer and Ahriman into our physical framework:

These beings we call Ahriman and Lucifer are right here in the world, they have their task in the universal order, and one cannot sweep them away. Besides, it is not a question of annihilating them, but — as in the case of the weights on both sides of the scales — the ahrimanic and luciferic forces must balance each other in their influence on human beings and on other beings. We do not bring about the true activity of any of the various forces by removing it but by placing ourselves in the right relationship to it. We have the wrong attitude to these luciferic and ahrimanic beings if we simply say that they are bad and harmful. Although these powers rebel in a certain sense against the general order of the universe — which had already been designed before they entered it — this does not stem from the fact that they invariably have to exercise a harmful activity, but rather that — like the others whom we have met as lawful members of the higher worlds — they have a definite sphere of activity in the sum total of the universe. Their opposition to and rebellion against the cosmic order consists in their going beyond their own sphere; they exert beyond this sphere the forces they should employ only within their lawful domain.

From Secrets of the Threshold, Lecture II

The Taiji Diagram's Early History by Francois Louis.

Tao – The Equilibrium of Yin and Yang

  1. #1 by rooshic on January 5, 2014 - 10:27 am

    Great description of these beings L&A. In my first book I talk of how Zurvan the ancient time god created Ahrua Mazda and Ahriman. I concentrate on the issue that over time some Forces became Evil because of time. Zurvan means time, Ahriman unlike Lucifer became more dark. Matter and anti matter can be seen like Ahrua maz and Ahriman also. Thanks


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